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Dave (a.k.a. "The Chief"), Founding Member.  Dave grew up in Randolph, New Jersey and currently resides in Scotch Plains.  Aside from a failed 2-month stint at veganism in 2005, Dave has been a proud carnivore his entire life.  Dave's most notable meat eating accomplishment to date occurred in 1997, when he ate 7 Cheeseburger Garbage Plates in 7 consecutive nights at the famous Nick Tahou's in Rochester, New York.  While not a meat, it is worth noting that Dave once devoured an entire Bloomin' Onion at Outback Steakhouse (with dipping sauce).  The only one to vomit was his wife, strictly from observing the occasion.

Jason (a.k.a. "The Jackal").  Jason originally hails from Brooklyn, New York and has settled his family in Fanwood, New Jersey.  Jason claims he never met a burger he didn't like - at least a little.   Jason enjoys all food as well as food related news, television shows, reviews and articles, but has a particular fascination with the "burger".  While not a competitive eater, Jason has been in a number of socially awkward situations that involved mass food consumption including but not limited to a White Castle eating competition in his fraternity days, devouring a Mill Basin Deli Super-Human-Sandwich all by himself in order to win a T-Shirt (surprisingly only available in size Small), Beefsteak at the Beacon Steakhouse, and of course, finishing the Big Ugly Burger at BUB's in Indiana in order to get his picture on the wall.  While Jason's wife often reminds him that he should not be proud of these accomplishments, he recognizes that this is part of his legacy, and one of the driving forces behind his participation in Burger Club.

Kenny (a.k.a. "Aces").  Aces is a first generation burger connoisseur by way of Haiti and Egypt.  Aces also lived in Hong Kong and has traveled extensively.  He has sampled delicacies such as the Creole Voo-Doo Burger, the Kung Pau-Gasol Basket Burger, and the Baba-Ganoush Tzatiki Squirt Burger.  His palate was mostly shaped growing up in Brooklyn where he fancied Murder Burgers.  While weighing a mere 146 pounds, Aces does not excel at the ground and pound.   His expertise is condiments and accoutrements. Aces can discern hints of Pasilla de Oacaca Chile (Pronounced “Pah-SEE-yah day Waa-HAAK-kah”), Sumac, Ajwain, Fennel Pollen, Juniper Berries, and even Amchur Powder wherever they exist.  He was once thrown out of an Uzbek Burger establishment for disrespecting the Burger Chef by garnishing his burger with smuggled Dried Kaffir Lime Leaves.  Aces has immense responsibility as a bowling team captain and plays in a men’s lacrosse league.

Josh (a.k.a. "Hot Tub").  Josh was born in Brooklyn, lives in Scotch Plains and has eaten burgers all his life.  His preference is something less than medium rare without cheese and just a little ketchup.  Burgers at Martin’s on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn were a favorite growing up – those burgers had a burnt like flavor, but each bite was still juicy.  Despite many tries, Josh still cannot consistently cook a burger on the barbecue that meets his high standards.  Josh is also a fan of the classic jelly donut and admits to eating a dozen in Arizona one morning several years ago when he purchased them to share, but ate 4 and didn’t want to bring just 8 back, nor throw any away.  Anyone interested in forming a Jelly Donut Club should contact Josh.  Josh is also open to an IPA club, a BLT club and a Kosher Deli club.

The Founding Fathers

Michael (a.k.a. "Yabo").  Hailing from the mean streets of East Brunswick, New Jersey, Mike is no stranger to a good meal.  Although he is most notable for his steak snobbery and consumption, he has received many accolades from his peers for the quantitativeness of his  “Fat Cat” consumption during a portion of his youth spent in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  Although he has slowed down a bit with age, Yabo can still hang with the big boys and prides himself on being honest when rating the quality of food.

Brett (a.k.a. "Fahrvergnügen").  Brett grew up in Allentown , Pennsylvania, home of the whopper (very large people, not the burger from Burger King).  He currently resides in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.  A proud carnivore dating back to his youth, Brett grew up believing that the four basic food groups were cheeseburgers, pizza, hot dogs & oreos.  Blessed with the gift of eating the same amount of food as people twice his size, Brett has toured the world searching for the perfect burger from California to China. An avid foodie, he often serves as a “human zagats guide” for friends looking for some place new to eat.

Jeremy (a.k.a. "Swafay").  Jeremy is a fellow New Jerseyan, born in Morganville, raised in Short Hills and currently lives in Scotch Plains.  He spent his college years in Philadelphia devouring cheesesteaks at all hours of the day.  He would chase down a Pat’s Cheesesteak with a Geno’s steak located across the street with frequency.  In addition he is known to refuse to turn over the stop card at Brazilian steakhouses.  When Jeremy is not consuming red meat, Jeremy is an avid New York Rangers fan, decent skier and an average bowler.

Andrew (a.k.a. "A.A.").  Andrew's story begins, like all stories do, inside a uterus.  Born to a woman who's love for grilled meats was equaled only by her love for his father, Andrew consumed a steady stream of hamburgers via embryonic fluid.  A lifetime romance was born, and he has spent his days since in a valiant but futile quest to find "The One" true match for his carnivoristic affection.  Through Burger Club, he hopes to consummate the affair that began more than 35 years ago.

Sean (a.k.a. "Gentle Giant" or "G.G.").  G.G. was raised in the rural fields of Northwestern, New Jersey.  While growing up, G.G. spent much of his free time working on his parent's farm admiring the majestic beauty of cows, heifers, heiferettes, bulls and steers alike.  When he was fifteen, he said goodbye to his favorite bovine Bessie as she was destined to become a patty at the long-lost Anthony Wayne.  While Bessie transformed into a most beautiful patty, G.G. has struggled to find the same elegance in his adult life.  He now hopes, with the help of his brothers in bovine, to find that majestic, elusive beauty once again. 

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