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The "meaning" of a scoring number is as follows:


1: Awful, truly awful.  Wouldn’t feed it to my dog.

2: Bad.  I ate it, but I did not enjoy it.  Might share it with my dog, but not sure he’d even eat it.

3: Not bad, but not good either.  Totally unmemorable.  No need to eat it again.

4: Below average.  Decent, but nothing special.  Probably wouldn’t eat it again.

5: Average.  It was fine.  Nothing to write home about, but good enough to satisfy the burger urge.  

6. Above average.  I enjoyed it.  Would definitely eat it again, but no need to rush back.

7. Very good.  I will most likely remember this one.  Not mind-blowing, but very satisfying.

8. Excellent.  Very respectable.  Going to recommend this to others.

9. Wonderful.  At times, pleasure moan worthy.  Definitely recommending to others, definitely going back.

10.  Off the charts wow.  Just unbelievable.  Left me in total ecstasy.  The holy grail.  Couldn’t be better.

Here's how it works:

Each attending member of North Jersey Burger Club* eats the same or similar burger** during a given event.  Following the meal, each member assigns a score ranging from 1 through 10 to the following categories: Flavor, Beef Quality, Freshness (all ingredients), Uniqueness, Aesthetics, Structural Integrity, Burger-to-Bun Ratio, and Grease Factor.  Flavor, Beef Quality and Freshness all receive double weight.  The numbers are totaled and then an average score is calculated.  All average scores from attending members are then totaled and an average of these scores is then calculated, which gives us the rating score. 

*The number of attendees varies (not all members attend all events but a minimum of 5 are needed for a quorum).

**Burger toppings may vary. 

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